We recently found an interesting article over at HouseLogic called “8 ugly houses that don’t seem real, but they are!” With a title like that, it’s hard not to get sucked in, and we took the dive.

Sure there was the obligatory “house made to resemble a shoe,” and what kind of an odd house article would it be without one made completely of shipping containers and other types of steel? Then we found the one, the grand daddy of them all, the one completely made out of stone and concrete.

The Ugly Stone Home

This incredible Portuguese home is made out of so much stone, that two of its outer walls are mortared to two giant boulders at the corners. Of course, this also means that the windows are oddly shaped, they’re squished into the center of the home and all of them are askew. The roof, made of concrete tile, is likely to stand up to the elements for many years to come. Basically, the home is fireproof, windproof and will never have to deal with insect infestations in the walls!

We’re obviously huge fans of stone of all varieties, but this house may always hold a special place in our hearts. Stone is great, but this house takes the cake as one of the ugliest stone home’s we’ve ever seen! Guess that’s a tradeoff someone decided to make – although, as the article notes, it might save you money on homeowners insurance.

Your home doesn’t have to suffer like this one did, you can have stone without it being a major eye sore! We specialize in installing granite in Overland Park and throughout the Kansas City metro area – and believe us when we say, the finished products look a lot better than this home ever will.

To see more of these unusual homes, make sure to check out the article over at HouseLogic’s website.