While we always recommend granite, there are a number of other features that you can include in your home’s master bathroom to improve its look, feel and functionality.

The starting point should be the installation of new granite. The granite you choose should either serve as a complement or juxtaposition to the other colors of the bathroom. Most people choose to go with muted, relaxing tones for their bathrooms, so a Siberian or Cotton White granite can be a perfect complement to a light grey or a light blue color.

One exceptionally cool addition to the latest bathrooms in the KC area is a bathtub, surprisingly enough. The latest rounds of tubs though aren’t your typical new construction tubs. The latest include features like jets and setting tables while maintaining classic looks like the claw-foot style. Plus, these newer tubs save a lot of water compared to their older counterparts, especially where water jets are involved.

For the best bathroom experience, we have one, two-word recommendation: heated floors. These babies are the ultimate in home comfort, and they’re easier to install than you might think. Most heated floor solutions work with stone and ceramic tile. A special membrane is placed under the stone or concrete and a thermostat is added nearby so that you can adjust the temperature to your comfort level. Depending on the system you use, you may be able to have different zones set at different temperatures.

Bathrooms look great with some classic styling too. Adding exposed piping below the sink can create a real point of interest. With a setup like this, a bathroom takes on the nostalgic feeling of early 20th century luxury along with the modern styling expected of today’s homes. Use accent items like lamps, candelabras and rustic picture frames to complement these looks.