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Best of Granite: Homeowner Choices!

By February 16, 2016April 7th, 2017No Comments

Granite is a naturally occurring, porous composite material that is also one of the hardest materials used in home design. Cut from solid slabs of rock, each piece is completely unique – there are no other slabs of granite that look exactly the same. When working with a granite contractor, it is not uncommon for the homeowner to be able to inspect and select the piece of granite they would like to use in their home install.

Our customers tell us that being able to choose exactly what they want when it comes to what they’re having installed in their homes is important to them. It’s one of our favorite things about granite in general, the number of choices that homeowners have is simply unbeatable when it comes to surfaces. And that includes more than just the pattern!

Many surfaces in the home actually look better in granite. From mantles, bathroom counters, floors, fireplaces, and even cabinetry! Given the wide ranges in granite, homeowners can choose to mix and match to create the perfect experience for their homes on different surfaces. With the advice of a professional too, getting the perfect mix of granite becomes a much simpler matter.

Some homeowners prefer minimalism – using granite on only one surface like a countertop still makes a powerful aesthetic statement. We love that homeowners are free to choose how much or how little they will use, and that granite will complement almost any type of home decor scheme no matter the usage profile.

We’ve got tons of options for homeowners interested in adding granite onto home in some way. When we discuss it with homeowners, we make it simple because what you see is what you get, and you can literally pick your favorite granite slab! With so many choices, there’s bound to be a perfect one for every home.