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Boosting the Beauty in Leawood Granite

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Leawood Granite

So you have or are thinking about getting granite counter tops. Maybe you’re wondering “what do I have or want that will go with theme of the granite I choose?” Granite counter tops can pretty much speak for themselves when it comes to stand-out beauty, but there are just a few other touches you can add without cluttering your space.

Unique light fixtures make a huge difference with how lighting is reflecting off your counter tops. From low lighting to hanging lighting, there are limitless options when it comes to creating a particular feeling. Some studies also show that lighting can affects mood in both positive and negative ways.

For example:

“Researchers put study participants under different lighting conditions as they rated various things, such as the attractiveness of someone, the spiciness of a sauce, and their feelings toward positive or negative words.

When the study participants were under the brighter lighting, their emotions were more intense: For instance, they wanted the spicier sauce, they thought the person was more attractive, and they thought the positive words were more “positive” and the negative words were more “negative.””

“Researchers noted that the bright light’s ability to make people feel warmer could have something to do with increasing the intensity of their emotions.”

To read more about this study check out this article at the Huffington Post.

Lighting in any room is a major factor when it comes to design. See what the American Lighting Association has to say about how it impacts the full kitchen experience:

Adding a back splash to compliment or contrast with the granite is a fantastic idea too. Back-splashes can even be made of granite, complementing or contrasting with your counter tops.

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Fresh flowers pop on counter tops and also give a great fragrance to a room. Make sure to choose the best kitchen flowers, the experts over at have a few suggestions:




Boosting Granite





You might also be interested in growing your own herb garden in your kitchen as well, click this link to see if your kitchen has the right setup to support a growing ingredient.




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Perhaps you just want to set out some decor to go with the theme of the room, those too can put the punch in the design. From candles, to fake plants, to nic nacs around the space that can give it more personality. Just remember not to go to over board and take away from the beautiful granite look.