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Custom Cabinetry Complements Granite

By April 28, 2015April 7th, 2017No Comments

Granite looks beautiful when paired with 100 percent custom cabinetry. This blog is about helping homeowners find ways to make an impression with the spaces they have available, and few additions offer as much gravitas as custom cabinetry. As opposed to standard or pre-built there are far fewer limitations on completely custom work. 

Details are what really make an impression, and the craftsmanship involved in building custom cabinetry is a key differentiation between it and other types of cabinets. There is a clear difference between prefabricated and custom built. A custom built cabinet is a work of art melded with function, featuring both the builder’s unique style and the functionality / durability that only a craftsman can add. Craftsman use more than than nails and glue, fashioning specialized joints, rollers and connections.

A huge benefit of working with a craftsman is the ability to maximize your use of space. With custom built cabinetry, your cabinets can take the shape of the space they need to fit. These can accentuate, or sometimes even become, unique architectural features of your specific space. It also means that there is no true limit to high tall the cabinets can be, whereas prebuilt will always be the same height.

No matter the configuration of your home, or your particular interests / needs, a custom cabinet is a great way to accommodate exactly what you want. Everything from coats to toys to kitchen supplies and even onto a cover for a hidden room! The uses for a custom cabinetry are extensive, and they are a great way to make sure that your dream home makes a serious impression. Plus, it pairs exceptionally well with granite – especially in kitchens and bathrooms.

Custom cabinets can be built to be more environmentally friendly than their conventional counterparts. Because the builder can control every piece of the process, they have the ability to source and use environmentally friendly woods and other materials. This can mean reducing your carbon footprint and it also means that you’re not contributing to companies that irresponsibly source their raw materials – as is possible with many of the prebuilt cabinets.