Exotic granites often feature rich colors and mesmerizing patterns.

Exotic granites often feature rich colors and mesmerizing patterns.

While classic cut granite offers homeowners a wide range of beautiful options for their home countertops, exotic granites are stunningly unique pieces that change and elevate the character of a space much like a piece of fine art. While classic and exotic granites are made by essentially the same processes and have generally the same properties, exotic granites are much more rarely found and offer some breathtaking qualities.

Exotic granites are mined from the ground as slabs just like other granites. Standards granites are formed by the extreme heat and pressure resulting from the ground moving forces present in geologically active areas. Basically, exotic granites are formed by cooling magmas melting other rocks and elements around them to create a newly fused rocky material. This is the exact same way standard granites are formed, but in the case of the exotics, elements that add additional coloration and intricate patterns can also be found.

Because each exotic is different based on the composition of the ground in a certain small areas, each can only be quarried from a single quarry or geographic area. This makes exotic granites exceedingly rare, very unique and much more valuable.

What makes exotics extremely desirable, unlike most standard granites, are the vibrant colors, mosaic patterns and fascinating reflectivity patterns. Because these granites are formed in areas that have unique features and elements in the ground, their heating, mixing and cooling lead to some spectacular patterns not seen in most granites. Colors from turquoise to fire red and dazzling whites almost create cosmos-scapes and tell stories of their own. Exotics can be truly beautiful to behold.

Even so, exotics aren’t for everyone. The biggest constraining factor is the cost of exotic granite. Because of its rare status, it will be more costly than it’s standard cousin. And because each type of exotic is unique in where it is quarried, how much supply exists, and the piece’s overall popularity, a slab of exotic can range from sightly more than standard, to many many times more. If you’re looking to install granite on a tight budget, sticking to standard is probably your best option (and we have some great choice in this category).

The truth is that while exotic granite is more expensive and offers the same practical benefits that any standard piece of granite offers, each piece of exotic is it’s own unique, natural masterpiece. It’s like owning a piece of mother’s nature’s great art. For more information on exotics, please contact us!