Staring blankly at the wall or the fireplace is not terribly likely to cause a stroke of brilliance. When it comes to interior design, we all need inspiration every now and then. If you’re run up to the limit of creativity, consider yourself fortunate, you’ve got the Internet with all of its vast reach and information.

Taste is unique and entirely key when it comes to selecting the right look and feel for the interior of your home. The best places to find what suits your tastes are the online media outlets where contractors, builders and others showcase the projects they’ve completed. Wether you’re doing the installation yourself, or someone else is doing it for you, contractor’s photos can help you understand what exactly will work best for you and your home.

First, check out places online where credible contractors go. Check out Houzz, where you can browse photos of homes broken down by the space (i.e. bathroom, kitchen, etc.), by the approximate price, by the region, the overall style and even more. Not only do you get fabulous photos of inspiring spaces, you can also look at the designers / builders, and the types of work they do. One reason we love Houzz is that the photo quality tends to be far superior to other media outlets, meaning that you get a better view of how these spaces actually look and feel.

Pinterest is another favorite for getting inspired ideas. Sure, there are a lot of cutesy things on Pinterest, that just means it’s never boring! Plus, a lot of those in the Pinterest community share content related to projects and doing it oneself. This can be a really cool resource for finding great new interior looks, and finding new ways to decorate that you’ve never really tried before. Just type in what you’re looking for when you get to Pinterest and you’ll find a lot of visuals that inspire.

Finally, check out Angie’s List. There is a cost to membership for this site, but it’s well worth it for homeowners. You can review and see reviews of local contractors, as well as galleries of the work that they do. We much prefer Houzz’s galleries because of their size, but the reviews posted at Angie’s List are extremely helpful if you’re sure you’re going to use a contractor and you like their style. It’s a great tool for verifying that a person is as reputable as they seem.

Trust us, you can find some inspiration at at least one of these places. What projects have you been inspired to undertake thanks to what you found online?