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Four Steps to A Modern Kitchen

By April 15, 2015April 7th, 2017No Comments

So you’ve got a kitchen circa 1985, complete with your Royals World Series pennant and a copy of People naming Mel Gibson the sexiest man alive. While we all love the glory days of nerd glasses and mullets, it might be time to move on and update that your dated kitchen. If you’ve decided to jump 30 years into the future and join us here in 2015, we’re excited to have you back! Now, let’s get your kitchen up to date!

No handles on the cabinets, no handle on good taste either.

No handles on the cabinets, no handle on good taste either.

1. Put the memorabilia away and get rid of anything broken

This applies to most people who are undertaking a big update after years of putting it on the fence. Don’t be afraid to start fresh, take the old stuff that used to decorate the area and donate it, store it or toss it!

A fresh look at the space could give you an inspiration that you missed out on before and will help you identify where you would like to concentrate. Throw out old things that are broken or no longer useful. That one fork with the missing tines and the toaster that works better as an incinerator for moldy bread should be gone. Once the junk is gone, then the real work can begin!

2. Have a Zen moment

Zen in the art of home decor is a valuable skill – make time to find some zen in the space that you’re planning to update. Go sit in the space, with no intention of doing anything in it, and look around. Examine how the space makes you feel and don’t let yourself get bogged down in what to do next, that will come to you naturally after you’ve figured out how you want the space to make you feel.

A little bit of zen goes a long way! You’ll thank yourself later.

3. Create your space

Fill the space with items, colors and arrangements that make you feel relaxed, excited, energized or whatever it is you seek from your kitchen. It’s about how you feel as much as it is about the function. Keep in mind though, if you’re seriously going to make an update, it’s best to commit and do it exactly how you want it. If you didn’t do any updating to the space for 30 years, is it still a place you would want to be and use?

When you actually build the space use quality materials. Your countertops, light and other fixtures will be used every day, and skimping on material quality will mean more hassles and more expenses later. Some things you will likewise need to have installed professionally (like granite), especially if you’re not particularly handy. Again, don’t skimp on the installation, it’s just not worth it to have a job done that isn’t done right.

4. Re-decorate and enjoy

Leave the past in the past and add decor appropriate to a 2015 home. Keep it your style, just remember that there’s a difference between retro-chic and forgetting what year it is! Again, there are professionals that can help with this kind of thing if you find yourself feeling puzzled as to why brown, pink and blue don’t mix well.

Most importantly, enjoy the new space. It should be how you want it to be in every way, and you should be able to take some pride in knowing that you’ve created a space you can enjoy and love every day. Step back for a couple minutes each day to appreciate it. You’ll love it even more when you do.