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Granite or Another Material

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There is a big trend right now in home decor, and it’s called stone. Not that stone has every really be out of fashion, it’s just at the forefront of home designers minds right now. But there are actually quite a lot of options when considering what types of materials to get for your home.

We were recently reading an article on the “Secret to Getting Great Kitchen Counters” over at This Old House and realized that the number of options was fairly boggling. But fear not, because choosing the right surface for your needs doesn’t have to be a challenge! And, there is no real secret other than having an understand of the options available.

So we’ll start with the options noting that they run the gamut from concrete to copper. The solid stone surfaces include engineered stone and natural stone (consisting mainly of granite, but also marble, slate and limestone). These are great looking options and come in a variety of colors, grains and finishes. Granite especially offers a high degree of heat and stain resistance, but all natural stone is porous which means that leaving acidic or colored materials on it can leave marks and can foster bacterial growth. This isn’t an issue with proper care, but it’s good to know before having them installed. The big upside with natural stone is that it looks great almost anywhere when you choose a light or dark pattern that matches or contrasts with your home’s style.

Another set of options includes the metals copper and stainless steel. Metals are interesting options and can fit well in homes that seek to make a modern or industrial statement. Because they’re non-porous, there is little to no possibility for bacterial growth. But with metal there are other considerations – Copper, for example, requires extra maintenance because it must be polished to stay bright and shiny.

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