Granite Countertops and Kids

Granite countertops are essentially big, smooth, shiny rocks that you place on top of a cabinet-style space. They’re beautiful, and they will last a long time without damage. But, being rocks, they are extremely hard which can pose some complications for homeowners, especially those with young children.

The problem is that granite countertops can be at the precise height of a child’s head, and this can be, in itself, a recipe for disaster. Since granite countertops are far harder than those built using less substantial materials, they have much less ‘give’ when impacted. This is great for maintaining the overall look of the countertops, it’s not as good for a running child’s head.

Short of equipping your child with protective headgear at all times, some accidents may just be unavoidable. Assuming that this is the case, there are a couple of simple remedies that can help lessen the impact on your son or daughter’s noggin. With the help of a skilled craftsperson and installer, you can plan ahead for growing children or upgrade your current residence’s preexisting granite.

First, a recommendation if you either have, or are planning to have kids, and you’re the person who will be having the granite installed. Get a rounded edge on the countertop! Sure, some countertops look better having a more blunt edge, but if you’re thinking about your kids, rounded is the way to go. Basically, you increase the surface area of the head/counter interaction and spread out any impacts that may happen. Unlike running into a pointy edge, the force is distributed in a wider area this way. This doesn’t mean running into it won’t hurt, just that it’s less likely to leave any lasting problems.

Corners on granite countertops can be particularly dangerous. If you have granite already, you probably know how much it hurts to walk into a pointy corner of the extremely hard material. To stop a child’s head from hitting this part of the counter you can either have the edges rounded completely or use plastic edge guards to protect the child. These are cheaply available at your local hardware store. With any luck, they should be all that is required, though if your child is particularly rambunctious, you may need to add these along the entire edge of the granite.

Of course, should rounded edges and edge guards fail, there is always the option of using a football helmet!