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Making Contemporary Spaces

By December 10, 2015April 7th, 2017No Comments

If you’ve taken a look over at our work gallery, you may have seen the photos of a super-contemporary kitchen that we installed granite in within the past couple of months. It was a great experience helping to bring the entire look and feel of the space together, but it got us thinking about the elements of the home that really brought out that contemporary, modern feel. Here are our conclusions, and what we think the keys are to making a great contemporary space.

1. Tell A Story with Color

Color influences how we feel and how we act. Specific colors in spaces are associated with different actions and reactions. Reds, for example, can serve as a fiery accents that motivate us to get going, but in excess can cause or exacerbate feelings of restlessness and conflict. Cool shades of colors create more relaxed feelings, especially shades of blue and aqua. What we loved about this home was the effective use of white, accented with strong colors like reds, purples and blacks. Whites help with the feeling of calm, but can be bland and unemotional, so pieces of the room like the accent wall and decoration serve an important role in creating a space that feels alive. The story it tells is of people who are relaxed in their own space, and yet motivated and ready to take action when the time is right.

2. Decor Plays a Role

While psychologists could give us insights into why certain spacial arrangements appeal to us and others don’t (much of it ending up having to do with math, actually), individual taste plays an important role. Fill the space with object that invite interest because of their shapes, functions or designs. These don’t have to be particularly useful objects, but those that feel right. Going to a local specialty home decor store, or even an antique store, can inspire some amazing results. Never be afraid to rearrange the objects you select either, until the space feels right, you like the look and you feel whatever feelings you set out to create from the beginning.

3. Every Piece is Important

When creating a contemporary space, remember that every detail is important – from the granite countertop to the lights witches. Getting every detail right is important to making the space just right, but don’t get frustrated because even the best interior decorators refine their processes and change their spaces. It’s a process that can take years, but the journey is just a part of the experience and part of how to create a contemporary space in your own home.