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Match Your Home to Your Lifestyle

By August 10, 2016October 18th, 2017No Comments


Have you ever considered if your home design matches your lifestyle? Taking the time to contemplate if you are maximizing your living space to fit your personal needs can bring fresh enjoyment, respite and refreshment from your home. Sometimes just a few well-thought-out changes can dramatically increase your satisfaction.

First ask a few questions about your current lifestyle and your home.

Are you utilizing your living spaces to see if they are being optimized for your specific needs? Reimagine the original purpose of the room into the purpose you need it to meet. For example, is there a large extra bedroom that could become a sizable den?

Do you enjoy entertaining larger parties or do you lean toward a small group of close friends? Perhaps sectioning the large dining room to include a sitting room off the kitchen would make a cozy hub for smaller gatherings.

Do you need a dedicated home office space instead of that desk tucked into the corner? How about reclaiming the loft off the stairs that has become a catch-all for everyone’s comings and goings for your work-at-home solution. 

Does a multi-purpose den that may include a workout area fit your needs better than a large TV room? Why workout in the basement when a few select pieces of equipment could be moved to your casual den area where you can enjoy the view out the window while hefting a few reps?

Do you really use that extra bedroom that accommodates your once-a-year-mother-in-law-visit,

or would you use it more frequently (like every week) as your music studio? Providing a sofa-sleeper in the extra bedroom for that visit and freeing the rest of the bedroom for your dedicated creative outlet can do wonders for the soul.

By taking a few moments to examine your living space needs through the filter of your lifestyle and values, and then making a few simple changes to adjust, you can boost the enjoyment and satisfaction you derive from your home on a daily basis. What undiscovered gems are hiding in your current home layout?