New granites are discovered all the time during the quarrying process. It’s why there’s always a new type of granite on display for our customers to consider. Likewise, there’s only a limited amount of each type of granite, so any given run will only last for so long.

Typically, a run of a given type of granite will be available for several years, but this is not always the case. Some of our limited edition exotic granites bring our customers options to choose between that will only be available for a short time, typically months to a year depending on demand. 

Interestingly, not all commercial-grade granite is actually granite. A geologist would typically not call what many stone dealers sell “true granite.” Many “granites” they sell have a quartz content below the threshold required to meet the definition of true granite. They also have a composition that is outside the appropriate definition of true granite. This said, many of these not-granites are still quite beautiful, and can still make for an exceptional addition to a home or business.