All right, we’ve already talked about how granite makes a positive impression of guests, family and all manner of company. The stone you show off is formed of completely natural elements with legendary hardness and beauty, and it was likely quarried right in the USA. You’ve got your granite, you love it, now you need to know how to protect it so it lasts a long time!


Because granite was formed under such extreme conditions in nature, it is very resilient to most kinds of manipulations – but, as with all things, there are some basics you should keep in mind when working with granite.

The first is to keep it clean. Your granite has a natural shine to it, and likely an additional shine from the protectant that was placed on it when it was with the team that installed it. Acids and oils eat away at this finish, which can slowly cause your granite to loose its shimmer and sheen. While the protectant placed on the stone is excellent at protecting it from chemical changes in the short term, leaving something staining on the surface will cause a permanent (or at least extremely difficult to remove) stain. The best way to avoid these problems is to keep the granite clean by immediately cleaning up any spills (especially involving acidic foods) with soap and warm water. Try not to spread the spill too much when cleaning it up either, as this can also cause damage. Using daily maintenance, you can prevent a lot of damage to your granite from everyday use.

Avoid extremes when it comes to using your granite. Extreme temperatures and extreme weight will put a lot stress onto your granite and could result in chipping or cracking down the road. While granite is a very hard material, and very resistant to damage, the places and times where you can expect to find it is where the stone has been subjected to extremes of force and heat. Don’t leave a hot pan on the surface of granite for any significant length of time. Avoid standing on granite, as this can be especially bad for the joints that hold two pieces of granite together and could cause other damage. Remember that granite shouldn’t be cut into or on top of either, you can scratch it and cause damage that will require a service call.

For serious cleaning, get a special heavy-duty stone and degreaser product from your local hardware store, as this will help remove more stains than the standard soap and water treatment and it won’t damage the stone. These stores also carry a special kind of clay that will pull the stain right from the stone, but be aware that this can cause the surface to become dull and will then require further polish for restoration.

When you have granite questions, make sure to get in touch as we have the experts who will help you maintain and love your granite for a long time to come!