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Three Popular Granite Options for 2017

By May 10, 2017June 29th, 2017No Comments

It’s 2017, and it’s time for that kitchen or bathroom upgrade that you’ve been considering since at least this time last year. Along with a new finish on your cabinetry, you’ve decided to install granite countertops. But which granite is right for you?

There are lots of different granites to choose from when you considering a renovation, so we’ve put together this short list of popular granite types to help you narrow the selection gap. The type of granite you choose will depend of the space where you’re placing it, the lighting, the intended use of the space, and, of course, personal preference. Even so, these popular granites are perfect in many different applications – and don’t forget that you can mix and match on each surface.


Cotton white is one of the lightest colored granites that we offer our customers. With the current trend toward white cabinetry in kitchens, this granite can end up serving as a great compliment. In this picture, you can see how it helps to brighten this kitchen space, and the use of white creates strong contrast that can helps anything you put in the space stand out (especially colorful decorations or kitchen implements).


A perennial favorite of our customers, Giallo Ornamental granite offers an off-white color that add character to any space. This granite also works well with white cabinetry, and in more colorful spaces like the one pictured, creates a warm and inviting feel. These homeowners painted their wall yellow and created an exceptionally bright space that was warmed with the complementary Giallo Ornamental.


This versatile granite is both beautiful and functional. In the version of this granite pictured above, the homeowners chose not to have the usual sealer added to the stone, making for an incredible matte finish. When installed like this, you can feel the granite’s natural texture when you touch it. The downside of leaving granite unsealed like this is that spills and other kitchen mishaps can permanently stain the granite much more easily. Even so, Black Pearl, sealed or unsealed, is one of our customer’s favorite granites.

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