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What to Think About Before Getting Granite Installed

By May 28, 2015April 7th, 2017No Comments

Granite looks great in the home and is very attractive, wether it’s helping to sell a house or just make it a great place to live. But the process of getting granite installed (and it is a process) can seem somewhat daunting, so today we’re covering some of the basics that will help you get the installation you want on you schedule.

Knowing which size sink you want informs us on how large we need to make the fitting for it in the granite. This is really up to the homeowner, but we typically recommend a more durable sink no matter the size. Consider your family’s use of the kitchen when deciding how much sink you need. Maybe you have enough as it is, or maybe this is the perfect time to size up. Sinks come in a variety of finishes and sometimes with additional features, so choose your wisely (that way you don’t have to do it again 5 years).


Choose what kind of edges you would like on the granite. Round, snub-nosed and blunt are all options, and your choice will depend on your household. No matter the choice, we make sure it will fit and custom craft these to your specifications.

Do you need a backsplash as well? We find that to many homeowners, the backsplash is almost an afterthought, but it can really make or break a whole space. Likewise, plenty of well-intentioned people have undertaken installing the backsplash themselves and it has taken months of additional time to complete their renovations. Not that this should discourage you from doing it yourself, just know what your plans are before you actually get your granite installed!

Make sure you also know what kind of faucet you’re going to have installed. Because this requires cutting the granite appropriately, you must know what your faucet setup will be before the granite cutting process can begin. Each faucet is different too, to try to choose a quality one that will last or that can be replaced (accidents do happen).

With the answers to these questions in hand, you’re ready to talk with a pro about getting your granite installation off the ground!